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      Being able to do stunts on the bike makes you the coolest person on the block. However, sometimes the skills on your bike are what is needed to survive on an outdoor track. Mountain bikes are designed to help explore every terrain, especially hilly regions. From the wideness of the wheels, the gear system, to the braking system this beast can navigate anywhere anytime.

      The simplicity of the Danish bike make cycling a lifestyle, but mountain bikes make cycling an adventure. There are core competencies that you need to have while on your bike. However, if you want to be the master on your mountain bike then you will need these skills:

      It is amazing when you see cyclist staying stationary on their bikes. Trackstand is an essential skill when it comes to riding your mountain bike. Practicing a track stand gives to the ability to balance perfectly on your bikes. When cycling down the hill, it can be a big problem if you cannot always shift your center of gravity.
      You can do the trackstand even if you are not a pro athlete. You can start practicing on a gentle incline surface because it gives you an opportunity to shift your center of gravity. Put your fingers on the brakes and press on and off when needs. You can also try rotating your front wheel to help you gain the stationary balance.

      How well can you cycle in a straight line? Most people think it is easy until they test the skill. Mountain bike is about precision. When you are cycling on the rough road, you never know what to expect. Cycling on a ridge needs you to have a perfect balance on your bike and still maintain a straight line.

      Practicing skinnies is pretty easy because you can do it almost anywhere. Start by cycling on flat surfaces and then move gradually to raise surfaces.

      Getting into a sharp corner in a downhill rush can be a real mood killer. There are three basic types of cornering; turning the front wheel, leaning your bike, and leaning your body. You need to master all the three types because they are all essential to maintain the fluidity of your ride.

      To get a perfect corner, you always have to maintain your center of gravity or your will eat dirt. Although you have to limit body movement while on the bike, shifting your hips and upper body helps you maintain your center of gravity.

      Braking is also an important aspect in cornering. Evaluate the corner before your reach it and chose the break that you will use before hitting the corner. Maximize your cornering speed by doing all the braking before the corner.

      It is important to save as much energy as possible when you are on rough road cycling. Wheelie requires you to pedal to keep the front wheel a float while the manual is just shifting your body weight to lift the front wheel. Manual is an essential skill because it maximizes your safety when there are harmful objects on the trail.
      Manual requires you to move the right amount of weight to lift the front wheel and not loop you out. Remember to maintain lower your center of gravity as much as possible to gain maximum stability.

      Bunny hop
      Drifting in and out of speed can exhaust you because you use a lot of energy. Also when you are pushing your limits downhill, you never know what is waiting for you. So it becomes necessary to be fully prepared.
      Bunny hop allows you to overcome obstacles without having to come off your bike. It is a skill that is much easier to learn when you have mastered the manual. Do a manual and then shift your weight forward also to lift the rear wheel. You can start practicing on white lines.
      Outdoor cycling is fun and adventurous, but you have to master the relevant skills.

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