9th Annual Ann Weatherill Cycling Classic

The 9th Annual Ann Weatherill Cycling Classic is June 21, 2014 in Walla Walla WA. Ride, wine and dine in the road riding capital of Washington.

The Walla Walla Valley provides the cyclist with the best roads, less traffic, best essay writers uk, great food and outstanding weather. 30, 60, & 100 mile options. Fully supported. $45 registration fee includes a lunch feast at the end of the ride. Sign up begins at 7:00 AM at the Pioneer Park bandstand.

Suggested registration times by ride length:

100 mile – 7:00 AM

60 mile – 8:00 AM

30 mile – 9:00 AM

The Ann Ride leaves Walla Walla’s beautiful Pioneer Park heading north past golden, rolling wheat fields and the emerald velvet of alfalfa awaiting first harvest leading to L’Ecole no. 41, one of about 140 wineries in the valley. Riders then head southeast into Oregon, past hundreds of wind turbines looming over some of the region’s finest apple, pear and cherry orchards. The loop east points riders in the direction of the Blue Mountains, a magnificent view to be enjoyed for the remainder of the ride. Back to Walla Walla; then riders veer 15 miles uphill into a forested canyon as they take in the 100 mile final leg-burning stage before looping downhill back to Pioneer Park and heaping servings of spaghetti and meatballs.

The 2014 route map can be viewed at: Route Map 2014

Registration is open!.
Register at Active.com

Garmin GPS Route Files

Century Hill – GPX | TCX
30 Mile Loop – GPX | TCX
Metric Century Loop – GPX | TCX

Eastern Washington Races 2013

Road cycling

The 2013 race season has started out well for Wheatland Wheelers riders. In the Tour of Walla Walla several Wheatland Wheelers riders had great postings. In particular, Wheatland Wheeler Kevin Thonney won the Criterium CAT 4 race.

Joe Escudero took 2nd place in the 60+ division in the Liberty Road Race in Spokane.

Ronde Van Palouse Race, several Wheatland Wheelers riders did well. And there was a good showing by Wheatland Wheelers riders in the Ontario Stage Race in Oregon.

Mountain Biking

Justin Bannerman took 3rd place, CAT 1 in the 50+ division in the Echo, Oregon Red 2 Red race.

Several Wheatland Wheelers riders did well in the Whidbey Island Cooking in the Kettles mountain bike races.

Coming up: Enumclaw Stage Race;and Lake Chelan Echo Valley Races

Eastern Washington Road Races 2011

2011 has seen a significant increase in the number of Eastern Washington road races. I have compiled a list of the races with links to each race’s website. I hope that we can show our support for Eastern Washington racing this year by representing L’Ecole No. 41 / Wheatland Wheelers at these races.

2011 Road Races in Eastern Washington


March 6: Wawawaii Landing TT and Wawawaii Grade Hill climb


April 2-3: Frozen Flatlands Omnium

April 9: Ronde Van Palouse

April 15-17: Tour of Walla Walla


May 7: Liberty Road Race

May 14-15: Wenatchee Velo Omnium

May 21: Inland Road Race Series #2: TBA


June 5: Cheney-Rock Lake Road Race

June 17-19: Elkhorn Stage Race (Baker City, Oregon)


July 3: Whitworth Criterium

July 16: Liberty Road Race


August 14: Mount Spokane Hill Climb

Weekly Series

April-August – Tuesday Nights: Twilight Series

Tour of Walla Walla 2010 Photos

Click on the “Photos” link in the Main Menu to see pictures of the Tour of Walla Walla 2010. Many thanks to my wife Kimberly for taking these.


Team Ride

Team ride Sunday 4/11/10. Meet 8:50 AM at Shawn’s house, leave at 9:00 AM. Plan is Waitsburg loop, with a stop at the Whitman race on the way back.

Independence Valley Road Race & Ravensdale-Cumberland Road Race Report

Max Coleman and Michael Gordon took part in the Independence Valley Road Race. The main highlight of the race was Michael’s participation in crash. Although he has some fairly painful injuries, luckily they are of the short-term variety: A few stitches, bruises and quite a bit of road rash. Sadly, his bike, helmet, shoe and shorts were all significantly damaged.

Max finished 27th, while Michael was an understandable DNF.


Neal Chavre was L’Ecole’s sole competitor at Ravensdale-Cumberland Road Race. He finished an impressive 10th place in his first CAT 5 road race.


Tour de Dung #1, Mason #2 and Mason #3 Race Reports

Tour de Dung #1 – 3/13/10

It was a beautiful spring day in Sequim. Turnouts were high enough the race organizers split both the CAT5 men and CAT4 women’s fields into two seperate races: Evens and Odds by race number.

In the CAT4 field we had crashes book ending our race. In the first corner a couple guys touched wheels right next to me. At the end of the race there was a massive pileup of riders right after the finish line. Evidently, someone near the front decided to sit up after crossing the finish line, not thinking about the 60 riders behind him riding at 35+ mph. Eric got hit by a flying bike in his leg and Tony took a tumble off the side of the road. Both escaped with minor scrapes and bruises. I avoided the crash due my poor position in the final sprint.

Unfortunately, there were a few people that were significantly injured. When I went back to watch the CAT3 men’s finish there were still a few injured people on the side of the road. One guy had a face full of blood and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Out of the 74-rider field, Eric placed 15th, Tony 17th, and Matt 46th.

In the CAT3 field there were many attacks but one actually got away. At the finish, Greg Arden of Apex Racing Team crossed the line solo. Reggie placed 15th, Chris 23rd and Max 30th.

Mason Lake #2 – 3/14/10

Only about half the people showed up to Mason Lake #2 compared to the day before at Tour de Dung #1.

The CAT4 race was crash free, partially due to the smaller, 34 rider field. Tony got a flat, which pretty much ended his race. Eric spent much of the day mixing it up at the front of the pack, but the field was not letting any breakaways loose. Results for the day were Eric 15th, Matt 25th, and Tony DNF.

In the CAT3 race Chris crossed the line in 7th place. Reggie was 16th and Max was 23rd.

Kurt was 31st in the CAT5 race.

Mason Lake #3 – 3/21/10

In the CAT4 race, Phillip placed 6th.

In the CAT3 race, Chris had a flat within the first few miles. Reggie placed 6th.

L’Ecole Places Three in Top Ten at Mason Lake #1

The first WSBA road race of the season was the first of the Mason Lake series on Sunday, March 7th.

The CAT4 race had a good turnout, with 68 racers competing. The race was a bit sketchy, with people getting used to racing again. The field only let one solo breakaway free for the first lap and a half. Many other attacks were started, but were quickly snuffed out.

With 5k to go, the race was neutralized to let an ambulance get to a CAT5 racer that had hit the asphalt hard. Once around the scene of the accident, the field took off at full tilt. A crash at the front of the peloton took down Eric Odem, but Phillip Somers was able to dodge the carnage and sprint to 6th place. Tony Yokum was able to circumvent the sprawled bodies and sprint to 10th. Matt Brittain finished in 18th place. Eric was only minorly scraped up and was up on his bike quick enough to claim 35th place.

The CAT3 race was lively as breakaway artist Max launched a solo attack in the first lap. Not satisfied with his 3rd place in the Icebreaker time trial the day before, Max was out to animate the race. Shortly thereafter other riders bridged up to the breakaway so Max had some fellow cohorts seeking the breakaway win. The main field did not allow the breakaway any more than a minute’s leash, and on the last lap reeled them back in.

Like the CAT4 race, there was a pileup near the end of the CAT3 race. Reggie avoided the crash and sprinted to 7th place. Max was uninvolved in the crash and having done his work for the day, rode in for a 35th place finish.

Whitman Cycling Mock Race

Several members of L’Ecole racing team are planning to attend the Whitman Cycling Mock Race this Saturday morning. The more L’Ecole riders that show up the better!

Two groups will be available:

Newbie Ride (Cat5 Men and Cat 4 Women):
Meet: Reid Campus Center @ 8.20am.
Roll Out @ 8.30am sharp
Piste: 1 Counterclockwise Loop of Valley Grove

Elite Ride (Hang On!)
Meet 9.15am: Middle Waitsburg & Rainer Drive (end of Wellington if you take the bridge under the highway)
Roll Out @ 9.30am
Piste: 1 Lap of Tour of Walla Walla Sunday Course (Waitsburg Loop)

For more information, see the event, “Whitman Cycling Mock Race” on Facebook.

2009 Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series Results

This weekend was the last race of the Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series. There were a couple of inches of snow on the ground, which melted just enough to make a sloppy mess of the Riverstone Coeur d’ Alene course.

Team Allegro dominated the Masters Men 50+ category this year, with four of the top seven riders and wins in five of the eight races. Charles Stanger won first in the series overall by winning the final race. Charles tied on points with Tim Crum of Bicycle Butler, but won the tie-breaker by virtue of his win in the final race.

Throughout the series Kurt Friederich was in a close battle with Felix Espana of 3FCX. In the first seven races, Felix placed just in front of Kurt, or Kurt placed just in front of Felix.

Throughout the series, the Allegro camp was the place to be. For the colder races, Charles brought his zillion-BTU propane heater. Warm food such as chili and cornbread was also available. The final race the Allegro camp featured a BBQ with Hamburgers.

The top three winners in each category won unique trophies: A plaque with a unique rock mounted on top of it.

The series results are as follows:

Masters Men 50+

Charles Stanger – 1st Overall (+1 race win)
Michael Austin – 5th Overall (+1 race win)
Steve Rapp – 6th Overall
Justin Bannerman – 7th Overall (+3 race wins)