6th Annual Ann Weatherill Cycling Classic

Memorial ride honoring Ann Weatherill, a local cyclist who lost her life doing what she loved, enjoying the outdoors and friends while on her bike.

June 18th – Ann Weatherill Cycling Classic

Walla Walla, WA

30, 60, & 100 mile options. Ride, wine & dine in the road riding capital of Washington

Fully supported with end of ride party

Register at http://www.active.com/cycling/walla-walla-wa/ann-weatherill-cycling-classic-2011

The ride starts at the center of Pioneer Park
Registration accepted the morning of the ride
Check in for the 100 mile ride – before 7:00 AM start
Check in for the 60 mile ride – before 8:00 AM start
Check in for the 30 mile ride – before 9:00 AM start

June 19th – Walla Walla “4000 in 50” 100 mile

Revival of our classic one day after the Ann Ride

Unsupported. 4000′ elevation gain. Great 20 mile descent

Fee of $5 to support our club. Day of registration only

Ride starts at the center of Pioneer Park
Check in between 6:00 – 7:00 AM

Ride, wine and dine in the road riding capital of Washington. The Walla Walla Valley provides the cyclist with the best roads, less traffic, great food and outstanding weather. Also the home of the region’s heralded Tour of Walla Walla stage race held every April.

The ANN RIDE leaves Walla Walla’s centrally located Pioneer Park, “The Gem of Walla Walla.” The compass points north as you head into the rolling wheat fields. Only to be met by the soft green texture of alfalfa waving in the breeze before slipping into the tiny burg of Lowden. Tiny, but home of several of the areas many wineries, highlighted by L’Ecole no. 41, major sponsor of the Wheatland Wheelers Cycling Club and L’Ecole no. 41 racing team.

Making yet another change in direction you will skirt one of the regions largest wind turbine projects. Heading southeast into acre of Oregon’s finest orchards they will open before you and allow passage toward the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Leaving behind the young fruit dancing on the branches we again enter the expanses of field crops. More acres of wheat share the foothills with pods bursting with Walla Walla sweet peas.

Working your way past one more food stop before the “last leg” of burning legs, a gentle uphill of 15 miles along Mill Creek. This last section takes you into the low lying forests of the Blue Mountains, passing the site of the sawmill built by Marcus Whitman. All riders will be greeted at the turnaround with the knowledge that the last 15 miles will propel your bike in a downward direction as you fall back into the valley. Be sure and enjoy the view as the valley opens before you, remembering all the time what awaits you on your return to Pioneer Park. With ample food and drink from local producers you can sit, relax, take in the live music and enjoy each others company, after all, “we just had a terrific ride.”

The 30 and 60 mile rides won’t visit as many parts of the valley but will still give the rider a great overview of why we live in Walla Walla.

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