L’Ecole Places Three in Top Ten at Mason Lake #1

The first WSBA road race of the season was the first of the Mason Lake series on Sunday, March 7th.

The CAT4 race had a good turnout, with 68 racers competing. The race was a bit sketchy, with people getting used to racing again. The field only let one solo breakaway free for the first lap and a half. Many other attacks were started, but were quickly snuffed out.

With 5k to go, the race was neutralized to let an ambulance get to a CAT5 racer that had hit the asphalt hard. Once around the scene of the accident, the field took off at full tilt. A crash at the front of the peloton took down Eric Odem, but Phillip Somers was able to dodge the carnage and sprint to 6th place. Tony Yokum was able to circumvent the sprawled bodies and sprint to 10th. Matt Brittain finished in 18th place. Eric was only minorly scraped up and was up on his bike quick enough to claim 35th place.

The CAT3 race was lively as breakaway artist Max launched a solo attack in the first lap. Not satisfied with his 3rd place in the Icebreaker time trial the day before, Max was out to animate the race. Shortly thereafter other riders bridged up to the breakaway so Max had some fellow cohorts seeking the breakaway win. The main field did not allow the breakaway any more than a minute’s leash, and on the last lap reeled them back in.

Like the CAT4 race, there was a pileup near the end of the CAT3 race. Reggie avoided the crash and sprinted to 7th place. Max was uninvolved in the crash and having done his work for the day, rode in for a 35th place finish.

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