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      You want to lose weight or to improve our body is a personal choice. It is a health issue, but above all, the most important thing is to cherish ourselves. Every desire for change must come from within us, from our desire to feel better and be healthier, and not to get some inaccessible (or better, inaccessible) standards that some industries have convinced us to be “the normal “.With this thins as a base, these are some things that we have to remind ourselves regularly to feel good, and to know that nothing is more important than the relationship we have with our body.

      The media do not care about your feelings
      Yes, it is very nice how most media promote body positivity but do not do it for altruistic purposes. The same industries that once could push people into anorexia have now found a new buying audience, and more opportunities for profit. Consequently, everyone’s personal struggle is still personal. At the same time, however, social media (especially those with the primary image of Instagram) are a much better platform for creating communities of acceptance.

      Your friends are your community
      And your community must be receptive, positive, and make you feel beautiful with yourself. We all need support in the journey of our lives, and the toxic, negative people who have only bad words to say have no place in our everyday life.

      The biggest priority is myself
      We must invest in ourselves above all. Not in unrealistic standards, and certainly not in the opinion of others. In simple words: Does your society say that the perfect garment that you put in the eye is not right for your body? Another reason to take it, and wear it as you want! Your own body, your own choices.

      Do not forget: The wounded people hurt
      From “for your health” tips to social media you never asked, to “good-looking” comments from your family, do not let anything destroy your mood and leave nothing to make you look at yourself negatively. Instead, remember that negativity results from insecurity. And, obviously, it’s not your job to help anyone in front of you with its insecurities, but nothing stops you from emitting positive energy, love and acceptance for all. The world we live in is not ideal, and we know it very well. But you, on a personal level, can make a difference.

      We are all unique
      If we start comparing ourselves with others will not help us. Do not compare your body, do not compare your achievements, and do not compare the life you live with. Instead, look for the positive people around you. If someone has succeeded in something that inspires you, let yourself get the power out of it in order to reach your goals.

      Just have some fun
      There are a lot of ways to spend a great time with yourself without having to get pressed by everybody. For example, you do not have to sweat on your gym’s floor in order to have the body you always dreamed of. There are a lot of ladies cruiser that take their wonderful bikes and enjoy the nature or the city they live alone or with their friends and who are really enjoying this kind of exercising. You just have to follow their example.

      You should never forget that if you want to be loved you have to love yourself at first. If you achieve that, the other people around you will see the beauty in your eyes. And be sure that they will love you afterall. Do not lose yourself over someone else. After all, he is our best friend!

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      Sima Ojha

      Each individual have unique body, which should be loved without any shame. Learn to love our self, our body is very great feeling. Zealthy

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