Current Cycling Advocacy Measures

Current Cycling Advocacy measures being addressed by the Washington State Legislature. HB (House Bill) and SB (Senate Bill).

HB 1045/SB 5066: Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill

Allows cities to lower the speed limit on non-arterials to 20mph without having to pay for an engineering study. On April 17, passed the Senate 45-2 and is now on its way to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

SB 5564/ HB 1743: The Safe Passing Bill

Clarifies safe passing practices on rural roads to increase distance given to pedestrians and bicyclists. Potential safe passing distance for cyclists would be three feet. Bill currently held for session.

HB 1233: Inclusion of health benefits into state transportation goals.

Bill may result in increased funding to walking, biking, running projects that support healthy transportation lifestyles. Bill was pulled from Rules to the House floor, but did not get a vote before the policy cut off on March 13. It will now be placed in the Rules Committee for the remainder of the 2013 legislative session.

SB 5506: Funding for Safe Routes to School

Protects the funding levels reached in the past couple of years from both state and federal sources. Working to maintain federal funding levels suggested in SB 5506 within the House and Senate transportation budgets.

SB 5141: Motorcycles stop and proceed through traffic control signals.

Addresses signal loop detectors don’t detect the motorcycle. Potential amendments with the Washington Road Riders Association to address the needs of bicycles. Senate and House committees “do pass” vote. It has been pulled by the House Rules Committee and awaits a floor vote.