Wheatland Wheelers Bicycle Club Bylaws


Name of the Organization

Section 1.01. The name of the organization shall be the Wheatland Wheelers Bicycle Club (WWBC).



Section 2.01. The mission of the Wheatland Wheelers Bicycle Club is to be an ambassador for the sport of bicycling by promoting the safety and enjoyment of cycling in all its skill levels and forms including transportation, recreation, fitness, and competition.

Primary Activities

Section 2.02. Publication and free distribution of information and education about WWBC updates on past and future cycling events; distribution of informational maps, brochures, and other printed material relating to bicycling.

Section 2.03. Repair and education clinics: To instruct in the maintenance and safe operation of bicycles.

Section 2.04. Tours: To foster participation in long-distance bicycle travel for both recreational and transportation purposes.

Section 2.05. Bicycle Races: To encourage and develop further the bicycling capabilities of advanced riders; also to increase public and individual awareness of bicycling as a legitimate, exciting, and healthy competitive sport.

Section 2.06. Weekly Rides: To encourage the public and individual members to participate in group rides to benefit the health of the community; to instruct novices in the safe handling of bicycles on the public streets and highways.

Section 2.07. Organized Rides: For intermediate and advanced riders to assess and build one’s cycling strength, and to increase awareness of the long distance capabilities of the bicycle as a recreational and transportation vehicle.



Section 3.01. Membership in the WWBC shall be open to anyone who has an interest in bicycling regardless of race, creed, color, sex, age, or national origin. The term of membership shall be as follows: One year (365 days) which is due on the first day of January. A member in good standing is one whose dues are paid and current and acts in accordance with the WWBC mission statement.

Section 3.02. The club shall have racing and recreational contingents. Members may be involved with either or both. Costs of annual membership the first of year after adoption of these bylaws are as follows: Individual – $20.00; Family – $20.00, regardless of racing or recreational preference. Membership is identified by Family or Individual, and in any club elections or votes, each membership is entitled to one vote.

Section 3.03. Dues recommended by the Executive Board shall be voted on annually by the membership at the October general membership meeting.

Section 3.04. Annual dues will be due on the first day of January each year. Dues will not be prorated for the year. Members with delinquent dues will be dropped from the roster in April.

Section 3.05. The president or designated representative will meet with any member who is not abiding by the mission of the Wheatland Wheelers Bicycle Club.


Officers and the Directory

There shall be six Officers (known as the Executive Committee, 4.01 – 4.06) and as many Directors as needed, elected annually by and from the general membership. The titles of these Officers and Directors (together known as the Executive Committee) are as follows:

Section 4.01. The President shall preside over general membership and Executive Committee meetings, and shall be responsible for the functioning of the organization as a whole, but may delegate duties not listed below to others. The President shall ensure clarity of the Wheatland Wheelers Bicycling Club and Race Team Membership Agreement.

Section 4.02. The Vice President shall perform as an assistant to the President, and shall preside over meetings when the President is absent. Will coordinate use of WWBC equipment.

Section 4.03. The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of each meeting, and shall handle such correspondence as the President and Vice President direct.

Section 4.04. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the treasury of the club, the records of all club transactions, the payment of all taxes and other governmental requirements, and disbursements of all funds Race Team funds may be handled through the Race Director. The Treasurer presides over meetings when both the President and Vice President are absent.

Section 4.05. The Ride Director shall be responsible for the one-day club rides; shall list them on appropriate sites and publications and see that they are mentioned in the county’s newspapers, and shall arrange for a ride leader to be present and lead at each of the rides.

Section 4.06. The Race Director shall have responsibility for the race team, and may appoint team managers, coaches, mechanics and ensure planning, organization of the WWBC sponsored races.

Section 4.07. Additional directorships may be added by a majority vote of the Directory and the general membership at regularly scheduled meetings. Unfilled Directorships and Officer positions may be filled by a vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 4.08. Directors shall generally serve without compensation, except for food during meetings and except as provided for below. In addition, they shall be allowed reasonable advancements for reimbursements of expenses incurred in the performance of their specified duties. All expenses over $25 shall require pre-authorization by the Directory.



Section 5.01. Elections for all Officers and Directors shall be held on the second Wednesday of September each year.

Section 5.02. Nominations will be accepted beginning the second Wednesday of August, and will close the fourth Wednesday of August.

Section 5.03. A three person nominating committee appointed by the President consisting of members in good standing will choose up to three candidates for each position from the list of nominees.

Section 5.04. Any club member in good standing is eligible for any office except no member is eligible to hold more than one elected office at a time.

Section 5.05. Elections are by a simple majority of the membership present; in the event that no one receives a majority of the votes cast for a particular position, a run-off will be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

Section 5.06. No proxy ballots will be counted; Members must be present at the election meeting, or vote electronically per 12.03.

Section 5.07. In the event any elected officer or director is unable to complete the one year term of office, the President, with the approval of the Executive Board may appoint a member in good standing to serve the unexpired term.



Section 6.01. Two general membership meetings shall be held each year, or as mandated by the Executive board. The meeting days and places shall be listed on website and other social media contacts, and mentioned if possible in local publications with proper advance notice per 6.04.

Section 6.02. Special Meetings may be called by the Club President. Object of the meeting shall be stated by written notice and no other business shall be conducted.

Section 6.03. Executive Directory meetings shall be held at such times as may be determined.

Section 6.04. Meetings of the general membership, directors or committees must be publicized, including time and location, on the club website at least one month in advance.

Section 6.05. A quorum shall be declared to exist when 10% of the members in good standing are present as defined in section 3.02. A quorum shall be present at regular and special meetings before official business or elections can be conducted.

Section 6.06. Activities at meetings may include planning of other activities, presentations, of past and future Walla Walla Wheatland Wheeler events, and general membership decisions, but are not limited to these activities. The January meeting shall be the membership and election meeting, where the general public will be informed of the Wheatland Wheeler Bicycle Club plans for the year’s activities. The other meetings during the year will center around plans for particular activities or presentations on cycling-related subjects.

Section 6.07. Executive Board meetings shall be held prior to any general membership meeting that month. Or as determined by the President. Each Committee Director shall give a brief report on his or her segment of WWBC activities. Decisions may be made by a simple majority of the Directors present when the meeting is called to order, provided at least one-fifth of the Directors are present. Directors may be removed from the Executive Board by a vote of ¾ of the Directory as a whole. The general membership may repeal decisions of the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority vote at a general membership meeting.

Section 6.08. If an item requires the immediate action of the Executive Board prior to a regularly scheduled meeting, the President shall have the authority to either call a special meeting or to poll all Directors. All such decisions taken by Presidential contact shall require a majority vote of all Directors and shall be reported at and recorded in the minutes of the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 6.09. Any vote that fundamentally impacts the club including but not limited to amending these bylaws, budget or expenses, or affects the membership or any member must be included in the meeting agenda and so notified to the general membership per section 6.04.



Section 7.01. Committees of the WWBC members may be formed to carry on the major functions of the club. Committee Chairman shall be appointed by the President for a one year term. The Committee Chairman responsible for the corresponding activity shall be the committee chairperson, and shall select the committee members. All members of the race committee shall also be members of the current racing governing body approved by the Race Team Director.

Section 7.02. The Committees are:

  1. Social Activities Committee– shall be in charge of the scheduling and leading club rides and tours. Will include the Tour Director. This committee shall be responsible for the Club’s social activities. Will coordinate and authorize use of WWBC owned equipment.
  2. Education and Safety Committee– bring to the attention of the membership safety standards which promote safe bicycling activities and promote the education of bicycling techniques. And ensure members abide by the rules of the road. The Safety and Education Committee shall direct the WWBC’s safety and education programs, with the goal of improving riding abilities and conditions, and educating the public about bicycling.
  3. Race Committee– The Race Committee shall have responsibility for the race team, and may appoint team managers, coaches, mechanics and ensure planning, organization of the WWBC sponsored races. The Race Committee consists of Race Director, Treasurer, Publicity Director, and any other Director as the need arises. Elections are by a simple majority of the Race Team; in the event that no one receives a majority of the votes cast for a particular position, a run-off will be held between the two candidates with the most votes.
  4. Membership Committee– Shall maintain a current roster of members and a file of dues, expiration dates, and shall distribute renewal notices and membership cards. The Membership Committee shall process membership blanks, send out renewal notices, publish membership lists, and send out cards, stickers, and other member related items.
  5. Communications Committee– Shall prepare and distribute all club communications in a means that will reach all members. This shall include website, email, and various social media outlets. Communications Committee shall bring the activities and projects of the WWBC to the attention of the general public. They shall be responsible for the update, maintenance, and development of the Club’s web presence.
  6. Legislative Committee- Will advise membership of governmental agencies affecting bicycling and lobby for club’s interest in areas involving governmental agencies. Coordinate Club interest with League of American Bicyclists.

Section 7.03. Temporary committees may be formed by the Directory or individual directors to assist with a particular activity or program.


Budget and Finances

Section 8.01. The budget shall be prepared by the Treasurer in line with the goals and objectives set forth by the Club Officers. The budget shall be presented to the membership for review on the club website and at the fall membership meeting (see 6.01). Comments or budget proposals from members are welcomed and shall be due two weeks before the general membership meeting where the budget will be voted upon and finalized. The board will vote on the budget, with revisions if any, at its next meeting after the fall general membership meeting.

Section 8.02. The budget shall include revenue and expense detail for both the racing and recreational components of the club.

Section 8.03. Line items in the budget for both arms of the club stipulated in 8.02 include, but are not limited to, dues revenue, sponsorship revenue, event revenue and types of racer or racing support expenses, rider or riding support expenses, event expenses and education/advocacy expenses.

Section 8.04. The Club has established a desired Minimum Reserve Level of $5,000 to maintain in support of its stated Mission and Club goals.



Section 9.01. Amendments to these By-Laws may be made following a two-thirds majority vote of all those club members in good standing attending regular or special meeting of the club providing a quorum is present and provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given in written format to all club members at least thirty days before the meeting. The club website shall be deemed to be notice in writing.



Section 10.01. These By-Laws shall be considered in effect once ratified by a two thirds vote at a general membership meeting providing the membership is notified of a ratification vote on the WWBC website.


General Provisions

Section 11.01. The Club property shall be entrusted to the custodial care of the Executive Board. In the event of the club disbanding, the property shall be disposed of by the Board according to the Articles of Incorporation.

Section 11.02. Wheatland Wheelers Bicycle Club shall be a nonprofit corporation and its fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31 inclusive.



Section 12.01. Each Membership type shall have one vote. Each membership consists of one vote per membership.

Section 12.02. There shall be no voting by proxy.

Section 12.03. Electronic voting is allowed when received directly from a member in good standing.


Fiscal Year

Section 14.01. The fiscal year shall run from the first day of January and end on the last day of December each year. Annual financial statements shall be submitted to the membership at the annual January meeting, pursuant to nonprofit corporation law.


Non-Liability of Directors

Section 15.01. The Directors shall not be personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or other obligations of WWBC.

These By-Laws were adopted on October 1, 2012 and ratified effective October 8, 2012.