Tour de Dung #1, Mason #2 and Mason #3 Race Reports

Tour de Dung #1 – 3/13/10

It was a beautiful spring day in Sequim. Turnouts were high enough the race organizers split both the CAT5 men and CAT4 women’s fields into two seperate races: Evens and Odds by race number.

In the CAT4 field we had crashes book ending our race. In the first corner a couple guys touched wheels right next to me. At the end of the race there was a massive pileup of riders right after the finish line. Evidently, someone near the front decided to sit up after crossing the finish line, not thinking about the 60 riders behind him riding at 35+ mph. Eric got hit by a flying bike in his leg and Tony took a tumble off the side of the road. Both escaped with minor scrapes and bruises. I avoided the crash due my poor position in the final sprint.

Unfortunately, there were a few people that were significantly injured. When I went back to watch the CAT3 men’s finish there were still a few injured people on the side of the road. One guy had a face full of blood and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Out of the 74-rider field, Eric placed 15th, Tony 17th, and Matt 46th.

In the CAT3 field there were many attacks but one actually got away. At the finish, Greg Arden of Apex Racing Team crossed the line solo. Reggie placed 15th, Chris 23rd and Max 30th.

Mason Lake #2 – 3/14/10

Only about half the people showed up to Mason Lake #2 compared to the day before at Tour de Dung #1.

The CAT4 race was crash free, partially due to the smaller, 34 rider field. Tony got a flat, which pretty much ended his race. Eric spent much of the day mixing it up at the front of the pack, but the field was not letting any breakaways loose. Results for the day were Eric 15th, Matt 25th, and Tony DNF.

In the CAT3 race Chris crossed the line in 7th place. Reggie was 16th and Max was 23rd.

Kurt was 31st in the CAT5 race.

Mason Lake #3 – 3/21/10

In the CAT4 race, Phillip placed 6th.

In the CAT3 race, Chris had a flat within the first few miles. Reggie placed 6th.

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