Whitman Cycling Mock Race

Several members of L’Ecole racing team are planning to attend the Whitman Cycling Mock Race this Saturday morning. The more L’Ecole riders that show up the better!

Two groups will be available:

Newbie Ride (Cat5 Men and Cat 4 Women):
Meet: Reid Campus Center @ 8.20am.
Roll Out @ 8.30am sharp
Piste: 1 Counterclockwise Loop of Valley Grove

Elite Ride (Hang On!)
Meet 9.15am: Middle Waitsburg & Rainer Drive (end of Wellington if you take the bridge under the highway)
Roll Out @ 9.30am
Piste: 1 Lap of Tour of Walla Walla Sunday Course (Waitsburg Loop)

For more information, see the event, “Whitman Cycling Mock Race” on Facebook.

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