2009 Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series Results

This weekend was the last race of the Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series. There were a couple of inches of snow on the ground, which melted just enough to make a sloppy mess of the Riverstone Coeur d’ Alene course.

Team Allegro dominated the Masters Men 50+ category this year, with four of the top seven riders and wins in five of the eight races. Charles Stanger won first in the series overall by winning the final race. Charles tied on points with Tim Crum of Bicycle Butler, but won the tie-breaker by virtue of his win in the final race.

Throughout the series Kurt Friederich was in a close battle with Felix Espana of 3FCX. In the first seven races, Felix placed just in front of Kurt, or Kurt placed just in front of Felix.

Throughout the series, the Allegro camp was the place to be. For the colder races, Charles brought his zillion-BTU propane heater. Warm food such as chili and cornbread was also available. The final race the Allegro camp featured a BBQ with Hamburgers.

The top three winners in each category won unique trophies: A plaque with a unique rock mounted on top of it.

The series results are as follows:

Masters Men 50+

Charles Stanger – 1st Overall (+1 race win)
Michael Austin – 5th Overall (+1 race win)
Steve Rapp – 6th Overall
Justin Bannerman – 7th Overall (+3 race wins)

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